We will begin sun setting Universal Analytics — All standard properties will stop processing new hits on July 1, 2023

Businesses face new obstacles in the measurement world of today while trying to understand the intricate, multi-platform journeys of their customers. Google released Google Analytics 4 two and a half years ago to take into account these changing measuring standards and aid in business success. With the ability to measure a wide range of data types, Google Analytics 4 offers a powerful analytics experience that is built for the future. Businesses can use Google's machine learning technology to surface and predict new insights, observe unified user journeys across all of their websites and apps, and most crucially, it's designed to keep up with an evolving ecosystem.

The End of an Era:

Without a cutting-edge measuring system, you overlook crucial data that could have an influence on your company. Make Google Analytics 4 your cross-platform analytics solution right away. Next year, Google will start retiring Universal Analytics, the older version of Analytics. On July 1, 2023, all regular Universal Analytics sites will stop accepting new hits. Universal Analytics 360 properties will receive an additional three months of new hit processing, which will terminate on October 1, 2023, due to the new Analytics 360 experience's recent introduction.

For a generation of online measurement that was rooted in the desktop web, autonomous sessions, and more readily observable data via cookies, Universal Analytics was created. This measurement approach is fast going out of date. In contrast, Google Analytics 4 offers user-centric monitoring, works across platforms, doesn't rely just on cookies, and uses an event-based data architecture. And while Google Analytics 4 is built with privacy at its core to give a better experience for both our customers and their users, Universal Analytics does include a variety of privacy controls. With more thorough and detailed controls for data gathering and usage, it aids businesses in meeting changing needs and consumer expectations. Importantly, IP addresses will no longer be stored by Google Analytics 4. In the current global data privacy context, where users are rapidly demanding more privacy safeguards and control over their data, these solutions and controls are extremely important.

Revolutionize the way you understand your customers:

  1. Understand your customers across touch points.Get a complete view of the customer lifecycle with an event-based measurement model that isn't fragmented by platform or organized into independent sessions.
  2. Improve ROI with data-driven attribution. To fully assess the impact of your marketing across the consumer journey, use data-driven attribution. Using your Analytics data, it extends the last click's attribution credit and helps you see how all of your marketing efforts together affect your conversion rates.
  3. Measure engagement and conversions with business and compliance needs in mind. With new country-level privacy controls, you can manage and minimize the collection of user-level data — like cookies and metadata — while preserving key measurement functionality.
  4. Get greater value from your data. Machine learning develops new audiences of users who are likely to make purchases or churn, generates advanced predictive insights about user behavior and conversions, and automatically surfaces crucial insights to boost your marketing.
  5. Easily activate your insights Expanded integrations with other Google products, like Google Ads, work across your combined web and app data, making it easy to use Analytics insights to optimize your campaigns.

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