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While newsrooms using traditional CMS platforms struggle to keep up with the volumes of news content being generated and distributed, stay ahead of the curve with the Hocalwire Digital Newsroom Platform.

Business Leaders & Sales Heads

Experience the fastest way to drive more traffic and Revenue for your Newsroom

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Content Creators and Editors

A digital first platform designed ground up to deliver the best content processes and automation you need.

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Technology & Information Leaders

Customize and configure processes according to your needs with extensive API & Automation support.

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Product and Project Managers

Experience seamless news creation and distribution with extensive integrations to multiple digital mediums.

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New Media Tech Managers

Stay ahead of the game with the latest technology and features that help you create a truly digital newsroom.

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A Sleeker Newsroom with Wider Reach and Better Returns

Why leading digital publishers prefer Hocalwire


Growth in overall traffic within 6 months


Increase in overall SEO reach


Increase in revenue across clients


Reduction in overall newsroom costs


Improvement in content load time


Improvement in audience engagement

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Building Global Digital Newsrooms Together

How Hocalwire Helps Build News Platforms of Scale

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Why Hocalwire is the Right Choice for You

How Hocalwire Helps Build News Platforms of Scale


Content Creator / Reporter Capacity


Third Party Channel Intergrations


Users With Personalization


Monetization Modules


Social Automation Channels


Customer Publisher Modules

How Hocalwire works

A unified digital newsroom platform with streamlined process automation built for scale

While a CMS might help you make web pages, Hocalwire was designed from the ground-up to work as a unified digital newsroom that contains all the processes and integrations your newsroom needs to excel in the digital news landscape. The Hocalwire platform helps your digital teams with a full news tech stack that can make them agile and speed up their news content processes.

  • Puts all content in a single unified platform to monitor, gather, create, publish and monetize Streamlines and structure your content and processes to use across across digital channels
  • Comes with extensive integrations to 50+ widely used tools for newsroom processes

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