• Today's HDR Update for 17 Nov, 2023
  • 1)Search Quality Raters Guidelines update.
  • 2)New ways generative AI can help you find holiday gifts.
  • 3)New Features for Math and Data Visualisation in Google Bard Updates.
  • 4)Apple ‘quietly asked Amazon to block competitor ads on its product pages
  • 5)Meta’s new partnership with Amazon streamlines the conversion process for advertisers

In this dynamic tech landscape, the recent updates range from enhancing search quality through revised guidelines to leveraging generative AI for holiday shopping suggestions. Google's commitment to improving user experience is evident with the introduction of new features for math and data visualization in Google Bard updates. Meanwhile, the competitive tech arena sees Apple's strategic move in reportedly requesting Amazon to restrict competitor ads, highlighting the intensity of market rivalries. On a collaborative note, Meta's partnership with Amazon aims to simplify the conversion process for advertisers, showcasing the industry's continual evolution toward innovation and efficiency.

Search Quality Raters Guidelines update

🌐✨ Google Unveils Latest Search Quality Raters Guidelines Update! 🚀 Explore the intricacies of the latest enhancements shaping search quality. For an in-depth look, visit Source URL and stay ahead in the digital evolution.

  • Introduction to Search Quality Rating
  • The Purpose of Search Quality Rating
  • Page Quality Rating Guideline

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New ways generative AI can help you find holiday gifts

Get AI-generated gift recommendations on Search for everyone on your list. Plus treat yourself with new ways to shop for apparel, including a new virtual try-on category.

  • Get gift suggestions created by AI.
  • Browse literally whatever's on your mind.
  • virtually test on clothing, including shirts for men these days

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New Features for Math and Data Visualisation in Google Bard Updates

While Google was updating Bard for teenagers, Common Sense Media released an AI rating system that assessed the impact and safety of the leading AI technologies.

  • With its tools for data visualisation and advanced math help, Google Bard opened up access to teenagers.
  • The first AI rating system, which assessed AI products for safety, transparency, and ethical use, was also established by Common Sense Media.
  • Bard was praised for creativity in storytelling but faced scrutiny over perpetuating biases and misinformation in AI-generated content.

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Apple ‘quietly asked Amazon to block competitor ads on its product pages’

Apple has allegedly received special treatment from Amazon, putting rivals like Samsung at an unfair disadvantage.

  • Financial implications
  • Apple would need to purchase these placements or compensate Amazon for the lost ad revenue
  • It’s clear Apple made a deal with Amazon that is not available to other brands.

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Meta’s new partnership with Amazon streamlines the conversion process for advertisers

The collaboration has been described as "the most significant ad product of the year. A new function that makes the conversion process easier for Amazon merchants has been released by Meta.

  • Better targeting and optimization: Meta will now display customer advertisements by utilising data received from Amazon and retailers who offer Buy with Prime.
  • Better conversion rates: After connecting their account, users will be able to check out advertisements more quickly.
  • Better ads creative personalization: Whether a user is a Prime member or not will affect how an advertisement is worded and what information appears on the product page, including real-time pricing and shipping estimates.

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