The Assam Tribune has been a local icon, catering to the discerning readership of Assam for decades.


The Assam Tribune, a venerable English daily established in 1939, holds a special place in the hearts of readers in Assam. With a staggering circulation of over 700,000 copies and a readership exceeding 3 million, the newspaper is a cornerstone of the northeastern Indian media landscape. Despite its rich history, the newspaper faced challenges in the digital age, notably in establishing a robust online presence and managing archival content. This case study delves into Hocalwire's transformative approach, outlining the objectives, execution, and profound impact achieved for The Assam Tribune.

Client Background

The Assam Tribune has been a local icon, catering to the discerning readership of Assam for decades. Faced with the digital revolution, the newspaper aimed to transition smoothly into the online sphere while preserving its rich archival content.


The primary objectives were to strengthen The Assam Tribune’s digital presence, establish a comprehensive archive, and streamline online operations for this esteemed local institution.


Hocalwire adopted a meticulous approach, developing a tailored digital presence for The Assam Tribune. A single-service provider strategy was employed, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient problem resolution.

Execution & Implementation

In a mere 60 days, Hocalwire successfully executed the transition, launching a user-friendly ePaper and subscription platform for The Assam Tribune. This comprehensive solution not only catered to the digital needs of the readers but also simplified the newspaper’s internal operations.

Client Testimonial:

"A very capable hands-on CMS for the news industry"

“Pros: The sheer amount of options and customisations available was the main reason for us to get this CMS for our organisation. The newsdesk workflow integration also helps keep a close track of who is doing what as breaking news develops.

Cons: There are some minor adjustments that can be made to make the product even better. Have shared some feedback very recently with the team.”

Lessons Learned

The Assam Tribune became the first client where we introduced ePaper and subscription services, highlighting the importance of innovation and adaptability in the face of digital evolution.

Impact and Benefits

The implementation of ePaper and subscription services resulted in a substantial increase in revenue and website traffic for The Assam Tribune. The digital archive provided readers with a wealth of historical content, strengthening the newspaper’s connection with its audience.

Proactive Bug Reporting

  • Regular bug reporting ensured a seamless user experience, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Understanding Northeastern Digital Landscape: Hocalwire’s expertise in the unique digital landscape of northeastern India proved invaluable, ensuring a culturally relevant and engaging platform.
  • Implementation of Subscription and ePaper: Introducing subscription and ePaper services bolstered revenue streams and modernized content delivery methods.


Hocalwire’s collaboration with The Assam Tribune exemplified the transformative power of technology. By implementing ePaper and subscription services, the newspaper not only enhanced its revenue streams but also solidified its digital presence. This partnership showcased the potential of innovative digital solutions in preserving tradition while embracing the future.

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