What is Content Management System and why your newsrooms needs it now!

End users who are not technical developers can produce, edit, collaborate on, publish, and save digital information using a content management system (CMS), which is a piece of software. Enterprise content management (ECM) and web content management are two common uses for CMS which act as a tool for writers and journalist without worrying about the technical nuances involved in digital publishing and newsroom management. Print media, Digital publishing News website and blogs are most content intensive which handle high volume of information being published everyday. This requires a orchestration system which can manage the publishing journey for the writers and the publication as a whole.

What is an Headless Content Management System:

Before we get to know about why our newsroom needs a CMS, we need to have a foundational understanding of what is an Headless CMS and how it is helping in managing content and website. A lighter prelude, Aany form of back-end content management system where the content repository, the "body," is separated or isolated from the presentation layer, the "head," is known as a headless CMS, also known as headless software or a headless system. In actuality, a headless CMS enables you to manage content in a single location while yet enabling you to distribute that information across any frontend you choose. The ability to connect content into any system, piece of software, or website by simply contacting the APIs the headless CMS exposes is crucial to omnichannel initiatives.

Lets take a scenario where in earlier days the content was written and got published in only one format "The printed newspaper". Now in the modern age where gadgets re exhaustive and people have evolved to consume information in various formats, we will never be able to stick to one channel and survive. Talking in terms of know technical details, we can use our Hocalwire CMS ( An Headless CMS Software ), as the back-end tool to write, edit, publish content, whereas our audience might read the same content on a website, web-app, android app, iPhone app or even in a tablet. We cant customize our content for multiple technology and device formats. This headless CMS does the job of passing on the content to multiple front-ends as per the audience and serves them the stories.

By doing this way we have the following advantages:

1. One unified CMS for multiple devices and publishing formats

2. Faster data rendering and delivery to the audience which improves the customer experience

3. Reduce cost for development, maintenance and operation of servers than conventional system.

4. Improved productivity, efficient content management and distribution

5. No dependency on technical expertise to publish content, its an one time installation and configuration cost

All these benefits lead to improved metrics in terms of audience, monetization, traffic, sponsorship and page ranking which leads to direct impact on revenue

Why your newsroom needs a Content Management System:

The problem arises when unstructured content is available, despite the fact that a headless CMS software solution makes it possible to publish information across any presentation layer. Your content cannot be easily repurposed across many platforms and channels as long as it is unstructured. A generic phrase for content that is divided into manageable building units, arranged predictably, and categorized with metadata is "structured content." Consider a website, for instance all the text and code that go into making a webpage are mixed together in unstructured content. What You See Is What You Get, or WYSIWYG, editors are frequently used for this. WYSIWYGs are frequently used by those who create digital material since they allow for back-end content editing.

The material is locked inside that format even if this produces perfectly good webpages. Everything you see is what you actually receive. The many components of that page are divided into discrete parts using an organized manner. Consider the following: author, title, body, image, image description, definitions, information about e-commerce, product pricing, etc. All of these elements can still be put together to make the same homepage, but they can also be put back together to make other iterations of the webpage that are customized for a certain audience, rearranged for a particular campaign, or condensed for a mobile experience.

If you get the problems we discussed and looking for a solution where an Headless Content Management system can bring your digital newsroom to life with lot of features and makes publishing easier. Feel free to book a demo with Hocalwire CMS. Read our other blogs and product catalogs and know much better on how we can support your scale your audience and increase revenue.

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