Trends in Digital Publishing and Journalism-Content Personalisation

Content Personalisation has been around for a long time, and with the advent of data-driven analytics and recommendation systems, it has only got huge traction. Giving a personalized experience only engages the customer and offers valuable information to them for the long term. Offering a customized, tailored experience will enable the customers to make purchase choices and love the service, so they become used to it and stay loyal. The best examples for recent times are the streaming services like Netflix and eCommerce giants like Amazon. Take it or leave it, but these guys keep prompting the customers with personalized recommendations. In the news publishing industry, this could be a way to retain loyal customers to opt for a subscription model and bypass the paywall; they are likely to do so if they feel engaged in the personalized offering.

Why Content Personalisation:

We need to internally personalize this discussion from this point onwards because my interest might not be the same as yours. For the sake of discussion, let us have a scenario where I am a huge technology enthusiast who gets to eagerly wait for announcements, launches, and conferences on everything that's tech. But technology is a wide spectrum in itself. Let's break it down to three of my favourite areas now. Self Hosting, Linux Operating Systems, and IoT Automation Gadgets. I might constantly look up my favourite site 10 times a day for updates, but Google News comes up with a notification pulling something even more interesting and prompting me to open it.

Similarly, the newsreader might be interested in knowing headlines, market updates, weather forecasts, and a few sports. For such a reader, it becomes increasingly important that we offer personalized content based on his frequently read market indexes, articles that help in prepping for stormy weather, stories for his favourite sports persona, and other relevant information. The experience creates a pattern in mind and enables them to adopt our news since they feel valued by the content we offer.

How to do Content Personalisation for a Newsroom CMS:

Many software and projects have been built to offer personalized content to customers. At Hocalwire, we are fans of Open Source software, and we adopt most of them and contribute back. One such project widely recognized and adopted is the Apache Unomi (You Know Me), an open-source implementation of personalizing content based on various methods and parameters.

Apache Unomi is used to track all the users that visit the sites being managed by the CMS. The sites may also contain personalized content elements that will use the profile information coming from Apache Unomi to change their display based on the user. It will also send events (such as login events) back to the server using simple AJAX calls to the Apache Unomi REST API. The Web CMS can also build UIs to expose the privacy management feature to end-users of the platform and build UIs to perform administration tasks such as profiles, segments, goals, and rules management. This proven technology service might be the first step in bringing AI-driven data analytics to offer a personalised experience to the readers of your news.

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