Here we present you with 10 significant pieces of information from the Reuters Digital News Report 2021

The general discussion on the Reuters Digital Report 10th Edition is that focused on the economic recovery of the news industry which faced a severe backslash during the lockdown. The newspapers have taken a huge hit, advertisers are pulling out over the fear of a global economic crisis. new revenue models such as subscription and membership are gaining traction and breathing new life into the news industry

Key takeaways from Reuters 2021 News Report

1. Trust in news has increased by an overall 6% and people tend to trust more authentic sources than aggregators. This creates a premium base of original news publishers.

2. Newspapers are seeing a sharp decline in readership and digital publishing is taking the forefront in serving the readers. Overall readership of news has declined and television has grown significantly.

3. Readers almost 66% of them want the news publishers to be neutral so that readers can have their judgements and opinions. Mobile journalism driven by Whatsapp and Telegram quickly brings news to youngsters and senior citizens

4. Whatsapp and Facebook have been the key promoting platforms for fake news. Users say they are spammed with misinformation more than the ones who don't use the platform. Corona crisis made the situation even worse by spreading false information.

5. Tiktok has eclipsed Twitter and Facebook for having 27% of its users below 35 years old and 7% of them consume news on Tiktok. Short-form content and animated infographics are taking an upper hand by reaching the audience first on these platforms

6. Readers from richer western countries are willing to pay for online news with Norway leading with 45% of paid news consumers. Globally the percentage has only increased by 2% which is considerably low on a global scale

7. National media agencies are dominating and acquiring most readers but there is still a lot of opportunity from regional news publishers. Readers are focusing on local news more and are ready to pay a fraction of the cost to get that news.

8. Only 25% of the news is consumed directly from websites and apps, predominantly Generation Z is consuming news from social media and news aggregators. The access to news is widely distributed with a lot of possibilities.

9. News is primarily consumed using smartphones which have a share of 73%. Laptops and Tablets have a stable readership but tend to decline over a period. Smart speakers could be the next big thing but they are not yet become accessible in many countries. They also need to be optimized for regional languages.

10. Spotify is dominating the podcast market competing with Apple and Google Podcasts. But overall podcast listeners have declined to limited restrictions during the Covid1 Lockdown.

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