Tips & Tricks to Improve Customer Retention and Subscription Signups

In our case, readers are the equivalent of a fanbase that a football team has; they don't switch sides, no matter win or lose. That's the loyalty to be achieved when retaining them by adding value in every way possible. Customers don't stay or come back on their own; they need to be followed up, informed, and prompted in ways that enable them to come back and read news and stories. They return periodically based on habits, but that doesn't mean they will stay forever. It takes an extra effort to make them stay and, most of all, make them pay.

Ways to attain higher customer retention:

1. Publish weekly Newsletters:

If you are a small news publisher in a niche market offering special edition news picks for a certain category, the more impressive way to pull a customer back to reading your stories is by sending them a newsletter. The reader might not read every article that you publish, but a weekly newsletter or a summary sent every day with important and trending stories might help them look at what's happening. The best thing about newsletters is that they don't need additional effort. Simple automation to pull in links and highlights overlayed on a template will do a good job. Value can be delivered if newsletter subscribers can be given coupons, promo codes, or discounts to signup for paid services. They are the right target audience to approach for payment first.

2. Supply information on Social Media Handles:

We have already written a blog about which platform is the right fit for the different target audiences. Take a look to know the foundation and If this trick works. Social Media is where all digital lives exist, mostly as leisure, and that's the place to pull our readers back and retain them. Twitter and Instagram are the two major handles with active brands and journalists. Don't spam the followers with every single story or article but carefully deliver a mix of hot topics, events, and activities. They might be interested in following up and reading that later, even saving it for the future. Though social media is more like a notifier about content published, many of them use it as a platform to even deliver instant, crisp news. This might not work for large publishers. If you are starting small, your first traffic before SEO kicks in could be from Social Media. So do not avoid where your readers live; get them there.

3. Re-engage using push notification:

This works pretty well if you have a dedicated mobile application that can deliver a message in the notification tray about a hot topic that might entice the reader. It attains a level above if the notification is from a recommender engine that supplies the content based on readers' interests. We have to be more careful here since many people tend to put notifications on mute due to continuous spamming behaviour. It should be timed and evenly paced between notifications. Providing key highlights within the notification tray is a good way to keep them engaged and bring them back later. Custom notifications for weather, market analysis, and subscription to specific topics or market indices could be a premium feature for which customers will be willing to pay. This could be an excellent way to add a revenue stream or package it as part of the premium offer.

Integrate all your social media handles into Hocalwire CMS and make parallel publishing of content to keep your readers informed. You can also get a customized mobile application with a push notification feature that can help you re-engage and retain your loyal readers. Now, book a Demo to try out Hocalwire CMS and modernize your digital newsroom.

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