Three digital metrics to track your news website as a publisher

In the digital world where there is a huge buzz for data and analytics recently, its so daunting to measure up every single parameter or metric. In a huge array of SEO tools each offering enormous amount of competitive advantage over other. It becomes tricky to monitor all and trying to satisfy everything by ticking all the right boxes can be a juggling act. So here we settle down to three metrics which can be generated from three major players from the industry who are very dependable and helping publishers reach wide audience.

Three metrics to monitor for your news website:

  1. Page Authority and Domain Authority by Moz
  2. Page Quality Score powered by Google Light House
  3. Back-link Domain Rating by Ahref

PA & DA by Moz

Page Authority (PA) is a Moz score that predicts how well a certain page will rank in search engine results pages (SERP). Page Authority scores vary from one to one hundred, with higher scores indicating greater ranking potential.Page Authority is calculated using data from google web index and considers a variety of variables like Domain Authority (DA), employs a machine learning model to discover the formula that best correlates with ranks across the thousands of SERPs that we predict against, and then uses that specific calculation to provide Page Authority scores. Unlike Page Authority, which evaluates the strength of a single page's predictive rating, Domain Authority assesses the strength of entire domains or subdomains. The measurements, on the other hand, are calculated using the same process, so they're more similar than they are distinct in many aspects.

Page Quality Score / Light House Score by Google

Google Lighthouse is a free tool that can help you improve your website by providing significant insights. You may examine any web page's page experience and receive important advice to improve its performance by generating a Lighthouse report. Recently, Google has placed a greater emphasis on on-page experience, including the addition of a new set of Core Web Vital signals. The signals break down how a user interacts with your page, and Lighthouse can show you how well your website performs in this area. Because Lighthouse is a Google product, it could be a terrific method to see your website through Google's eyes, with the assurance that any recommendations you receive come directly from the search engine giant.

Backlink Domain Rating by Ahrefs

Domain Rating (DR) is an Ahrefs indicator that depicts a website's backlink profile's relative strength. We calculate DR in a similar manner to how PageRank is determined. The primary distinction is that PageRank is determined between pages, whereas DR is determined between websites. According to the number and quality of a website's backlink profile, DR awards a value from 0 to 100. Consider DR to be a relative term, as it is determined not only by the overall number of high-DR sites that link to you, but also by the number of other websites that these high-DR sites link to. The quantity and quality of backlinks are both taken into account by DR. We also take into account how many other unique websites each linked domain links to. A link from a DR26 site linking to five other domains, for example, will have a greater influence on your DR than a connection from a DR73 domain linking to 5000 other domains.

These three companies offer their very own analytic methods and recommendation to improve your chances of being listed in the first page of the search engine. Hocalwire CMS has incorporated the recommendations into its foundation so that your stories and website always rank higher in these scores than your competitors. Try Hocalwire for free by signing up for a free Demo

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