Technology & Ad Monetization advantages of Hocalwire CMS vs Custom CMS

The digital publishing industry is gearing up to embrace a change to fulfil the meeting content demand created by the readers. It is transforming from conventional systems and adopting modern technologies to deliver the expected output faster. Here we will see how the existing digital publishing market is currently working with metrics sourced from a test pool of 100 publishing entities ranging from 10,000 to 10 Million in Traffic Volume.

WordPress, Hocalwire CMS & Custom choices:

When it comes to Content Management systems, we can always see that one name popping up everywhere "WordPress." Looking to build a blog or a news website? No worries, WordPress comes in handy being open source and with a large plugin market. 55% of all digital publishers have adopted WordPress for their needs. Followed by WordPress is the large Custom CMS users for Digital Publishing which amounts to 33%. If you are one of that 33%, here are the reasons why you can consider Hocalwire CMS just in case you need to migrate.

1. Custom CMS takes a lot of time to update and catch up with the evolving technology trends and optimization

2. Google Search and Page Rank list modern and up to date tech stacks in its search results

3. Custom CMS has fewer integration and monetization opportunities since they require IT Teams.

Newsrooms looking to adopt recent technology advancements that can increase traffic and revenue opportunities have to adopt updates faster on their CMS or migrate to existing players such as WordPress, Hocalwire CMS, or Joomla to keep the sites healthy and active. Its simple and efficient to buy than build considering what is at stake.

Advertisement Trends and Major Players:

Like WordPress is a CMS giant, Google Ads dominates the advertisement market. They have around 54% of the market share, while small publishers primarily use Google Adsense, and bigger players use multiple streams of Ad monetization. The pain point here is that Google Adsense is a highly demanding network with strict policies backed by AI and algorithms. Any drop in meeting the required standards means less traffic and less revenue. The problem only worsens when they constantly upgrade and announce changes that need to be adopted faster by the Content Management Systems to meet their requirements. A custom CMS suffers from development delays that impact the traffic over some time. Hocalwire CMS constantly monitors for any such announcements and changes to adapt it in a much faster way to update your websites. That's how we enable newsrooms faster to adopt recent changes to the market trend and keep the traffic flowing. While the competitors and WordPress move at a pace to meet the open standards, we at Hocalwire CMS are already up to date and live, serving quality content to the readers. The following are the revenue strategies of the test pool.

● 79% - advertisements

● 30% - affiliate links (11% use two or more affiliate networks)

● 22% - paid subscriptions or memberships

● 18% - branded content and native ads

● 12% - offline events

● 2% - e-commerce, such as a shop of associated items

We must also take care of other monetization platforms with a decent market share, such as Taboola, Outbrain, and Adrole.

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Credits: The metrics are taken from the Digital Publishers Report Volume 1. For more details visit their website

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