Progressive Web Apps provide you with a unique opportunity to deliver a web experience your users will love.

What are Progressive Web Applications (PWA)- Explained:

A PWA is a web application that loads in a web browser similarly to websites or web pages, to put it simply. The benefit of PWAs is that they give users rich mobile experiences thanks to their app-like capabilities including push notifications, offline functionality, and access to device hardware. A Progressive Web App has the same user experience as a native mobile app due to the app-like features. PWAs serve as a link between the web and mobile devices, giving users a better web experience on those platforms. A PWA is essentially a mobile app that is delivered via the internet.

Why Digital Publishing Newsrooms should look into PWA:

The figures are accurate! Progressive Web Apps have produced excellent outcomes for businesses that have launched them. For instance, while shrinking the size of their app by nearly 97 percent, Twitter observed a 65 percent boost in pages per session, 75 percent more Tweets, and a 20 percent decrease in bounce rate. Nikkei had 2.3 times more organic traffic, 58 percent more subscribers, and 49 percent more daily active users after converting to a PWA. With the introduction of a Progressive Web App in favor of their platform-specific desktop experience, Hulu noticed a 27 percent boost in repeat visitors.

With such an impact being delivered for the brand that has adopted PWAs, it is immensely important that the digital publishing world and modern newsrooms really get to adopt this new technology immediately. There might be a huge fear of missing out among the crowds, but PWA is proving to be an exponential performance booster. The challenge many publishers see is the technical complexity involved in porting their code base to support PWA, and that's where Hocalwire CMS comes in to lend a helping hand. We are built on top of Node JS and React Native Frameworks to deliver the best of both worlds experience. One Language, One Tool to build diversified delivery mechanisms with One unified Code base that gets the Job Done.

Advantages and benefits of using PWA:

Discoverability: Web apps should eventually have improved search engine visibility, be simpler to discover, catalogue, and rank, and contain information that browsers may use to provide them specialized functionality. This means as a news publisher we get to rank higher and better than the competitor and also get recommended for readers by search engine. An excellent SEO Score gets achieved.

Installability: The ability for users to touch on app icons on their home screen to launch them into their own native container that feels seamlessly connected with the underlying platform is a key component of the web app experience. This means a lot of users can experience the native application feel even if you do not offer native application. This could be a booster for small publishers who cannot afford to manage separate application layers, but offer PWAs as a solution to both Android and iOS users similarly by directly serving news from the web.

Linkability:The ability to link to an app at a specific URL without the need for an app store or a laborious installation process is one of the most useful aspects of the web. It has always been like way. In simple terms we will have the same URL ans story references across all instances if its browser or a PWA.

Re-Engageability: The simplicity with which users may be re-engaged by updates and new material, even when they aren't looking at the app or using their devices, is one of the key benefits of native platforms. Using new technologies like Service Workers for managing pages, the Web Push API for sending updates directly from the server to the app via a service worker, and the Notifications API for creating system notifications to help engage users even when they aren't actively using their web browser, modern web apps can now accomplish this as well. This could get really handy for digital publishers to send periodic push notifications and instant love news to get traction. Customer retention at its peak

Responsiveness: No more headache of optimizing content for different web browsers and devices. With PWAs and integrated Media Query, View-port it becomes easy for us to deliver news irrespective of what device our readers may use.

It might look like a good deal but adopting Progressive Web App is a technical advantage that will reap benefits in the longer turn. This has proven to work for a lot of layers in the market and can totally revitalize the news publishing sector. Hocalwire CMS and our dedicated team help you in adopting PWAs and serve high quality content and stories to your audience with you not worrying about the technical nuances. The huge value proposition to offer in here is that, if you are a news publisher who doesn't have a dedicated mobile/native app, its wiser to start with a Progressive Web App and test it out. We at Hocalwire are here to support you on that migration Journey. Book a Demo now to see the full potential of PWAs through Hocalwire.

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