Conventional publishing usually limits the number of revenue streams to either advertisement or newspaper sales for a given day. These two contributed majorly to the recurring revenue of a publishing house. Over a long period, curated Content can be sold as a knowledgeable asset. With modern digital publishing, there are many revenue possibilities and enormous use cases beyond the usual ways to monetize Content. For example, let's say we have been compiling a team's sports news over time, and this Content will be beneficial for sports analytics. The development of a region can enable businesses to use the data to target new opportunities. Ultimately making a point, other than advertisement, a huge market is being created, monetizing data and content.

Make money out of Content and not just by selling Ads:

1. Advertisement Services and Integrations:

Though we have started by saying there are other routes to make money than an advertisement, for now, this is the major income source which cannot be neglected ever and always takes the first place on the podium. Hocalwire CMS lets you configure various Advertisement services direct from the admin console. Lets you switch, optimize and target audiences based on their interests. We are not only limited to Google Adsense but also a wide variety of advertisement service providers such as PropellerAds, AdclickMedia etc. Another booming monetization opportunity is the facility to have E-Commerce services to sell digital assets, Content, merchandise and other value-added services. You can also integrate Affiliate links and trackers to various other websites which pay based on a Click or checkout basis. You get to do more than sell ad spaces to these services by taking advantage of our analytics systems that help you study which ads work and what attracts the audience more. You also get to mute and modify all advertisements with the click of a button from our admin console.

2. Subscriptions via Paywalls and Donations:

Nothing is free when it comes to the digital world. Someone has to pay the cost of whatever we consume. When we seek value beyond what comes free, it demands cost. Digital publishing services are moving towards a freemium model where basic services are offered for free with Ads, and premium, exclusive Content is available based on payment. Some publishers offer limited free reads per month and put a paywall for proceeding further. The challenge with subscription paywalls is user management, which we have solved in Hocalwire CMS. Validate Email Addresses, Send payment reminders, integrated APIs and Payment modes with well-managed user permissions and access controls. Set up payment services and offer exclusive Content and experience to premium customers. Hocalwire CMS handles all the hassles in this process by managing payments and content distribution smartly. If you are a free, open-source publisher who runs on donations, set up donation collection services such as Buy Me a Coffee, Patreon etc. Bring any integration you have currently and add them to Hocalwire, and start increasing your revenue.

3. Content as a Service:

This is the next generation of monetizing and technological opportunities. Being a publishing company in the digital world, we create and curate an immense amount of data that we can repurpose for various research, AI ML Model training, Behavior analytics and audience targeting. Our entire system is a collection of keywords, events and dates. If you are publication is a specific domain, let us take Law. For example, Lawyers, researchers, other journalists, juries and even state-legal teams will be interested in lookup into the archives for specific information on cases and crimes. Content as a Service can monetize the service at a premium with a smart system that can index keywords and pull up relevant information for them to use. Hocalwire CMS uses faster search services, enabling you to pull up information faster and present it to the reader. The scope and opportunity are huge if you can consolidate that data as an asset that information can sell.

Hocalwire CMS has one primary duty, and all our features are fine-tuned to attract more traffic, serve the audience and increase your revenue exponentially. We build continuous features that put you ahead of your competitors, which is very important to stay in the digital war. So give Hocalwire CMS a try and increase your revenue streams. We also offer consultation, and our partners help you take it to the next level.