Google changes search results with "About this image" and AI-generated image markups to prevent misrepresentation...

At an age when misinformation is a worldwide problem, Google is improving its search skills by introducing two features that will improve information and visual literacy.

According to a 2022 Poynter research, 62% of individuals feel they encounter disinformation on a daily or weekly basis, underlining the critical need for effective methods to identify and fight misleading information.

These capabilities will help consumers to judge the context and trustworthiness of photos discovered online as digital content makers continue to employ AI to generate images.

About This Image: A Novel Contextual Tool

The first update, titled "About this image," is scheduled to be released in the following months.

The tool is intended to provide users with a greater context for a photograph, including:

  • When Google initially indexed the image and others liked it.
  • The initial appearing site of the photograph.
  • Other places where the image has been shown include news sites, social media, and fact-checking websites.

This background information can help users determine if a picture is reliable or whether it requires a more comprehensive inspection.

For example, "About this image" may show that when an image representing a staged lunar landing was discovered to be AI-generated, it was emphasized in news headlines.

This utility may be accessed via the following methods:

  • In Google Images, clicking the three dots on a picture yields results.
  • Using a picture or screenshot to search in Google Lens.
  • While viewing a page with an image, swipe up in the Google App.

In desktop and mobile Chrome, right-clicking or long-pressing on an image (coming later this year).

Images Created by AI Receive a Markup

The second announcement from Google is about AI-generated photos.

When generative picture capabilities become available, each AI-generated image will have a markup in the original file. This is intended to add context if the image appears outside of Google's platforms.

Similar markups will be available to creators and publishers. This implies that consumers will see a label in photographs in Google Search that identify them as AI-generated.

This service will be accessible in the coming months from a number of publishers, including Midjourney and Shutterstock.

A Consistent Focus on Information Literacy

The addition of "About this image" and AI-generated image mark-ups is the latest in a series of tools designed to assist users in making sense of what they encounter online.

Google's continuous commitment to information literacy is reflected in these developments.

Google has implemented comparable tools in recent years, such as the "About this result" tool, which allows you to discover additional information about a source or topic.

As the web evolves, these improvements give users with critical tools to comfortably and properly navigate the digital realm.

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