GATHER: Receive news content from various sources within Hocalwire CMS

Its well said and meaningful when they coined the term NEWS from the directions (North, East, West, South), and true to its definition, some stories and events happen in every corner of the world. However, unless you have an army of reporters spread across every part of the world, its nearly impossible to hear every story happening and bring it out to the masses; that is not practical unless you are omnipresent. Here at Hocalwire, we have covered you by building integrations and process flows that allow you to gather news from various sources and formats, which can be used for publishing after a lighter editorial process to maintain quality and integrity.

Sources of Stories and possible integrations:

1. Distributed Reporter Teams:

When you have your journalists and reporters in various locations, Hocalwire CMS opens up a platform where these teams and individuals can collaborate, co-create, edit and review news articles in one place. They can submit their stories, photos, and videos to the CMS, which gets into the editorial process. The CMS allows you to view all the consolidated content in one place and manage them for future use, repurpose, scheduled for later, and even assign the story for updates to another reporter. In this manner, you will be able to manage your in-house team and newsroom efficiently, which is a distributed workforce.

2. User generated contents:

The best scenario or power for a news publication is when their loyal readers themself become reporters who can share stories and news in their locality or community. A facility to gather news from the users will be an exponential benefit. Hocalwire provides you with a User-generated content curation process that is straightforward for the user without any technical hindrance and well structured for the editor to see them in one place. Likewise, both ends can work synchronously to use the content and get it published. The same module can be repurposed as a citizen reporter feature where people who can capture photos and videos can drop in content to the editor. We can also integrate mail received and drop-in contents from the users.

3. Wired News Content and API Integration:

Most of the news, which is interstate and global, is received and repurposed through subscribing to various news agencies and wired content distributors. This feature can also pull a large volume of content from news aggregator services. These services allow us to subscribe to thier ATOM/ RSS feeds, the conventional method, and the modern API integration. Hocalwire CMS allows you to integrate various API integrations, which will allow you to directly ingest wired news content from multiple sources to your news-gathering dashboard. Once received, The editor can take the content further into publishing. Gather will be the most beneficial feature, which, once automated, can serve for a long time and effortlessly scale your newsroom to serve a wide array of stories under categories.

Brand Newsrooms and Fan page content:

Not only limited to news and stories but the Hocalwire CMS can also be used by brands who want to reach their customers and listen to their stories. Look out for Brand mentions and hashtags, receive fan-made content onto the Hocalwire CMS, and publish them by giving credits to the creators. Customers will love the brand more, and customer content influences lead and followers to make the best use of the product and services offered. Various possibilities and integrations allow you to perform social media cross-posting and take the reach to an even wider audience across demographies.

If you are looking for a smart Content Management System for your Newsroom which can help you gather all your sources in one place and fast track your publication process with more features, get in touch with us today to schedule a demo and adopt Hocalwire CMS

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